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Scarce and Collectible Mormon Reprints

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Most of these rare imprints will never be available again

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  The Diamond: Being the Law of Prophetic Succession and a Defense of the Calling of James J. Strang as Successor to Joseph Smith and a Full Exposition of the Law of God Touching the Succession of Prophets Holding the Presidency of the True Church. Strang’s presidential succession pamphlet first published in 1848.  Scarce 1950 reset replica, for collectors. 19 pages in self wrappers. A genuine 50-year-old rarity, listed in Dale Morgan’s famous Mormon bibliography. One complimentary gift copy per order, limit one per person. Free.

  Set of two books, sold only as a set:

A.  The Book of Mormon. Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. Third edition, carefully revised by the translator. Nauvoo, Illinois: Printed by Ebenezer Robinson and Don Carlos Smith, 1840 [Cincinnati: Stereotyped by Shepard and Stearns, 1840]. Third American edition [same as the later fourth]. 571 pages. Facsimile replica printed on acid-free cream paper and sewn in a brown hard case binding, commercially contracted by Herald House, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Voree, Wisconsin, 1992. This was the last typesetting that was authorized by Joseph Smith. If you have the well-known replica of the first edition also reproduced by Herald House (which sold at auction for seventy dollars recently) you need this revised one beside it. This book has sold at auction for $127.50 and on the Internet book search sites for $125.00.  This independent bookseller is the only place where they obtained them.

B.  The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Carefully Selected from the Revelations of God. By Joseph Smith, President of Said Church. Nauvoo, Illinois: Printed by John Taylor, 1846. Fourth American edition [third printing of 1844 second edition]. 448 pages. Facsimile replica printed on acid-free cream paper and sewn in a brown hard case binding, commercially contracted by Herald House, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Voree, Wisconsin, 1993. This is the last typesetting that was completed and authorized by Joseph Smith before he died. If you have the well-known replica of the first edition also reproduced by Herald House, you need this expanded one beside it. This independent bookseller is the only place where it is sold.

A $250.00 value, now ONLY $80.00 for the set.  Available only as a set.  $80.00

  James J. Strang, trans. The Book of the Law of the Lord. St. James [Beaver Island], Michigan: 1856. 336 pages. Printed on acid-free paper and sewn in a brown hard case binding, commercially contracted by Herald House, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Voree. This is a facsimile replica of the rare 1856 edition which was rescued in unbound sheets when the press was destroyed after Strang’s assassination. This is a fascinating book that purports to be translated from the brass plates of Laban mentioned in the Book of Mormon, and it is complete with a testimony of witnesses and Hebrew literary structures called chiasms. There are brilliantly written explanatory notes about the origins of the Book of Mormon with primary source information from early Mormons found nowhere else. This book has never before been available to the general public, and is now procurable exclusively through the limited quantity of this independent bookseller. Matches the set above.  $20.00

  James J. Strang, trans. The Book of the Law of the Lord. St. James [Beaver Island], Michigan: 1856. 336 pages. Same facsimile reproduction but instead this is bound in a brown soft leather cover with rounded corners and gold gilded edges. Some Mormon dealers have been buying these for resale at eighty dollars. $40.00 - Best Quality

  Book of the Law Concordance, 180 pages, hard bound in in brown library buckram with gold stamping, produced at a cost of nearly twenty dollars each. $4.00

  The Revelations of James J. Strang. Compilation of all of Strang’s revelations not contained in the Book of the Law. This book also contains Joseph Smith’s famous “Letter of Appointment,” Strang’s ordination by angels, the translation of the Voree plates, and the testimony of witnesses. The texts are printed as a supplement to the Doctrine and Covenants. This 77 page edition is dated 1985, the first one ever produced in a hard binding, bound in brown library buckram with gold stamping at a cost of nearly twenty dollars each. $4.00

  The Chronicles of Voree (1844-1849). Typescript of the manuscript record of the Church at Voree, Wisconsin. 150 pages, sewn and hardbound in blue sturdy library buckram. This record contains conference minutes, high council trials (including the excommunication of Brigham Young with eyewitness testimonials), and manuscript revelations of James Strang. This edition was computer corrected against the original manuscript. This printing contains a complete concordance. $50.00

  The Record of the Apostles of James (1844-1856). This is an inside look at what the followers of James Strang were really thinking. Facsimile of five manuscript records compiled by the clerk of the quorum of twelve apostles. 88 legal sized pages, sewn and hardbound in maroon sturdy library buckram, with the title gold stamped on the spine. Only 50 copies printed. $100.00 - This was originally priced at $50.00 but there are only 5 left.

  The Beaver Island Record - Sold Out.

  The Voree Herald, Zion’s Reveille, and The Gospel Herald, January 1846 to June 1850. The three newspapers of James Strang printed at his Mormon settlement of Voree, Wisconsin. There is no wholly complete set of the original newspaper in existence, but by using the various incomplete copies to make this reprint this is the first time ever that a perfectly complete volume has been available for sale. This paper is primary source of information not found anywhere else, for virtually all Mormons who were still in the Midwest during that period, including the family of Joseph Smith, the Whitmers, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris; and for studying nearby places such as Kirtland or Nauvoo. In all, 1,004 pages, sewn and hardbound in brown sturdy library buckram. $150.00  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT HISTORICAL REPRINT THAT WILL SELL OUT.

  Research in Mormonism. Independence, Mo.: Price Publishing Co., 1992. 248 facsimiles from controversial and rare publications by the Utah church. If you cannot afford a whole library of books, this has most of the essential statements on the 1844 Mormon succession crises, photographed from their originals, and all in one place. An earlier version of this compilation is selling for two hundred dollars to people who do not know that it is back in print as this quality glossy paperback. - Sold Out.

  Correspondence of Bishop George Miller With the Northern Islander. From his first acquaintance with Mormonism up to near the close of his life. Written by himself in the year 1855. Miller articulately and colorfully details his experiences as Bishop over the whole church at Nauvoo, Illinois, the building of the Nauvoo Temple, the organization of the council of fifty princes in the Kingdom of God, and the Mormon Exodus. Every Mormon collector ought to have this for its general Mormon interest. Printed from the Northern Islander by Wingfield Watson in 1916. This is the collectible 1977 facsimile replica of the first edition by “Wingfield Watson Grandchildren” on fine embossed paper. 50 pages in tan wrappers. $14.00

  James J. Strang. Ancient and Modern Michili-Mackinac: Including an Account of the Controversy between Mackinac and the Mormons. St. James [Beaver Island], Michigan: 1854. Mormon persecution. The most famous Michigan book ever printed, and the best historical account of the Mormon settlement on Beaver Island.  A facsimile replica of the standard 1894 edition by “Wingfield Watson Descendants” in 1987 on fine embossed paper. 48 pages in printed blue-green wrappers. $10.00

  George J. Adams. A True History of the Rise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—of the Restoration of the Holy Priesthood and of the Late Discovery of Ancient American Records . . . Also a Brief Outline of Their Persecutions, and Martyrdom of Their Prophet, Joseph Smith, and the Appointment of His Successor James J. Strang. 1849. Adams was a “special apostle” under Joseph Smith in 1844. This has general Mormon interest, as it is an early edition of a primary source of Joseph Smith’s first vision. An exact reset replica by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Voree, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, 1982. 47 pages in printed yellow wrappers. $4.00

  Wingfield Watson. Early Letters of Wingfield Watson to the True Latter Day Saints’ Herald, Plano, Illinois. Furnished by Richard Howard. Printed in 1984 by “Wingfield Watson Granddaughters” on fine embossed paper. 37 pages in tan wrappers. $4.00

  Wingfield Watson. An Open Letter to B. H. Roberts, Salt Lake City, Utah. Includes “A Word to George Q. Cannon,” and “A Full History of the Letter of Appointment Written by the Prophet, Joseph Smith, to James J. Strang, and its Reception at Burlington, Wis., as Kept by the Appointed Church Scribe.” 1894. This is the collectible 1974 facsimile replica of the first edition by “Wingfield Watson Trust” on fine embossed paper. 30 pages in self wrappers.  One Utah dealer is reselling these for nine dollars. $4.00

  James J. Strang. The Prophetic Controversy: A Letter from James J. Strang . . . September 26, 1854. Strang uses this lengthy treatise to summarize every detail of his prophetic claims and the Mormon succession crises in general, and all of his church accomplishments up to shortly before his death. This the 1974 reprint of the standard edition by “Wingfield Watson Trust” on fine embossed paper. 38 pages in self wrappers. $4.00

  Roger Van Noord, King of Beaver Island: The Life and Assassination of James J. Strang. University of Illinois Press, 1987. First edition in dust jacket. Somewhat like a Fawn Brodie style biography of Strang, but with sources noted. Well-researched but sensationalized account by a newspaper reporter.  The University of Michigan Press is now selling reprints with no dust jacket for $42.50, but we have the first edition with a dust jacket. $24.00

  John Jason Hajicek, Beyond All Description: A Historical Analysis of Cultural Intolerance in the Case of the Missing Rare Mormon Books, 1995. A narrative of the experiences of Great Lakes Mormons with the larger Mormon churches and the rare book trade. Includes an essay on individuals selling rare Mormon books in the marketplace. 128 pages, with photographs. Full-color paperback on fine archival papers.  Cover price, $16.95.   $4.00

  Collector’s assortment. Scarce facsimile replicas of various other early church pamphlets, mostly on more complex Mormon succession issues and distinctive Mormon customs. Printed in small press runs on quality papers, usually as fancy commemorative editions. This array includes about two dozen fine reprints that would be $4.00 each if sold separately (or maybe $12.00 each elsewhere), plus a selection of lesser items. This is a one hundred dollar value, limit one per person, no resellers. $12.00 - Best Value

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